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ZAPPY scooter rentals is a new trend that is gradually gaining interest in several cities in Canada. Scooters and mopeds are available from ZAPPY, a company that has set up shop in Quebec City in Canada. ZAPPY has taken the risk of purchasing a number of scooters and mopeds, powered by electrical batteries and has begun to rent them to tourists to explore the city and the old town portion of Quebec City. Zappy scooter rental has been very successful in renting a scooter or moped to tourists in Canada who view them as both a bit of excitement as well as a way to see portions of the city that they might not other wise see.

There are age restrictions regarding who can rent the scooters and mopeds, and also who can drive them in Canada. Tourists considering renting scooters and mopeds for the family should check with ZAPPY scooter rentals to find out what is legal in the city that you are going to rent the scooters. Entire families can rent several scooters together and explore the city. Riders need to heed traffic and obey all local laws when riding their rental scooters and mopeds. Not only could you be fined, you might find yourself in an accident or worse. Scooters are limited in the maximum speed that they can achieve, so there is limited danger of too much speed.

Even so, go over the rental contract carefully and evaluate the rental insurance that is offered with the scooter. Don’t let the lack of rental insurance spoil your fun and your vacation. Tourists can use the scooter or moped to go to places they might not go otherwise in exploring Canada. Sometimes kids, and even adults, will become too tired of walking. Once you are on a scooter, not only do you have the excitement of riding the scooter which lifts everyone’s spirits, you and the kids do not get as tired from site seeing.

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