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Hover Scooters New Invention

Hover scooters and mopeds are a new vehicle that has been shown at the Las Vegas consumer electronics shows. The scooter or moped hovers about an inch off the ground and can float easily across flat surfaces, floating a bit above the ground. The hovering scooter is powered by a gasoline engine, which drives a fan to generate sufficient lift to float it off the ground. While it is hovering, a gentle stream of air is ejected out the back to provide propulsion at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. These floating scooters that hover above the ground are truly fun to ride.

The hover scooter or moped is still expensive by regular scooter standards, however as demand picks up and these scooters and mopeds are mass-produced, the prices will decline somewhat. The hovering scooter or moped takes about 10 minutes to learn how to operate and become comfortable with direction control and steering. Most people will have no problems learning to ride these scooters that hover on a cushion of air.

There are not many floating scooters and mopeds available that hover, and consumers who purchase one will have the satisfaction of knowing that their machine is a one of a kind in their city. The kids will love it and most states will not require a license. Check with local authorities to confirm and also encourage riders to were helmets for protection in case of an accident.

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