Cobra Motorized Scooters

Cobra Motorized Scooters Safe & Comfortable

One of the best features about Cobra motorized scooters is that the operator does not require a license to drive them on the road in many states. Before you purchase a scooter or moped from a Cobra dealer, check with the local traffic authorities to find out what is legal on the roads in your state. Cobra motor scooters and mopeds are top of the line scooters and mopeds, start easily and are very efficient on gas.

The Cobra motorized scooter or moped is powered by an economical gasoline engine and costs about 5 cents a mile and you can travel about 25 miles on a tank, depending on how you drive and local conditions. One of the advantages of the Cobra power scooter is that they do not have any gears to change. For those people who would like to ride a scooter or moped, but were concerned about changing gears on a motorized scooter, this motor is the answer.

The Cobra scooter motors utilize a gearbox that does not require any gear changes. All you need to do is start it up, press the power throttle and away you go. Even if the laws in your state do not require a helmet, you should still consider wearing one. Accidents do occur and you can avoid serious injury by wearing a helmet.

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