Award Winning Scooters

Award Winning Scooters – Electric Powered

Scooters and mopeds that are powered by electric powered batteries and fuel cells are receiving increasing attention as alternatives to gas powered vehicles. These award winning scooters and mopeds are being considered for mass production for sale in Europe and also in Asia were scooters are extremely popular as a means of transportation. Winning awards for pollution reduction, noise reduction and power alternatives is quickly propelling fuel cell based mopeds and scooters to the forefront as a means of mobility. Awards to win, such as invention of the year, attract a lot of attention from many manufacturers who are considering using the fuel cell in an electric scooter or moped.

To win an award for invention of the year is as good as winning free advertising. Many magazines will carry an article about the award winning scooter and will describe the technology used in an electric scooter. The awards won can be good for both the fuel cell manufacturer as well as the electric scooter manufacturer who embraces the new technology of fuel cells. Many consumers follow the news and are interested in developments of scooter technology and will purchase scooters that have won awards.

Once an award is won, consumers believe that this is really an endorsement of the product for not only the fuel cell technology, but the entire moped or scooter as well. In addition many articles will describe the full product and all of the benefits of the moped in addition to the fuel cell. To win an award can be a great endorsement of a company’s product. Fuel cells will power scooters and mopeds for varying times and numbers of miles. The distance will depend on the type of driving and how aggressive the driver is with the moped.

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