Fuel Cell Moped

Fuel Cell Moped Alternative to Gas Power

The fuel cell moped is quickly becoming a reality with the introduction of a number of new products recently that are aimed at the scooter and moped markets. With many millions of scooters manufactured every year this is potentially a huge opportunity for manufactures and governments to reduce pollution. Many scooters and mopeds are two cycle and produce a great deal of pollution. Even four cycle scooters running on gas often produce a lot of pollution since they are not well tuned. Dense urban Asian and European cities are trying to take every step they can to switch to alternative power fuels and reduce the pollution.

A fuel cell scooter may be one of the answers that will help in the fight against pollution of our cities. Fuel cells convert hydrogen and air into electricity and water. They are quiet and will operate most electric mopeds for the same or more miles than current battery electric scooters and mopeds. The big advantage for electric scooters powered by fuel cells is that they will be quiet, noise pollution free and gas pollution free. With millions of mopeds and scooters manufactured every year, the fuel cell scooter not only has a large market opportunity they also will make a significant contribution to pollution reduction.

Distribution systems for fuel cells will need to be worked out. Hydrogen will need to be made available in the same manner that gasoline is available today. Increasing prices for gas will no doubt provide additional motivation for consideration of fuel cell technology. Once customers can purchase a replacement fuel cell at cheap prices, the gas powered moped will be replaced quickly.

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