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Fuel Cell Scooter Environmentally Safe

Several companies are working on a new technology for providing power to scooters and mopeds. In the future we expect to see scooters and mopeds powered by fuel cells that are small enough to fit on the back of the scooter were the battery currently fits. The fuel cell scooter has the potential to revolutionize the electric scooter market and provide a replacement for the gas powered scooters found in many cities. Today many people ride power scooters and mopeds in the dense cities, especially in Asia and Europe. These scooters are often two stroke machines and are not the most environmentally friendly.

The fuel used by fuel cell scooters will be a hydrogen and air mix that will provide the same range and power as many electric scooters today. With so many scooters and mopeds forecasted to be on the roads in dense Asian countries, this solution will provide an excellent alternative to gas and electricity. The price of gas is increasing and although most scooters obtain very good gas mileage, this will become a more expensive means of transportation.

In addition as more and more cities clamp down on polluters, governments will be leaning towards the electric scooter powered by a rechargeable battery cells or from a small fuel cell that is recharged by a hydrogen fuel pack. The fuel cells can be carried with the electric scooter or they can be recharged at fuel stations. Rechargeable power batteries are not as efficient and it is often difficult to find a location to recharge a battery if you have exceeded the range of the electric scooter.

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