Currie Electric Scooters

Currie Electric Scooters Value and Performance

Currie Technologies continues to enhance their line of electric scooters to provide a scooter product to meet the needs of all scooter riders. Their scooters and mopeds are economical, perfect for getting around congested city streets and they run on electricity. Currie electric scooters not only save you money in operating costs they also make a positive contribution to the environment. Currie Technologies has developed several electric scooters and mopeds powered by various sizes of electric motors. Their technology is one of the best in the industry and they provide great value and performance in their electric powered scooter and moped selection.

There are three types of Currie electric scooter that you can choose from. The heavy duty Lightning SS F-18 Swingarm, the mid range Tsunami and the smaller Flyer all provide great performance and enjoyable riding. These scooters can be used for daily transportation to and from work or school and they are also very attractive to scooter and moped rental companies. The Currie Technologies scooters and mopeds are excellent as rental units, easy to ride for novice riders and providing sufficient power for short rides around the city on site seeing excursions.

Riders who need a slightly heavier machine with a longer riding range will prefer the Lightning SS F-18 Swingarm scooter. This electric powered scooter will give you that extra comfort and performance you need to go the extra distance for those longer rides. All scooter and moped riders are encouraged to also follow safe riding habits and to wear appropriate safety gear when they are riding their electric powered scooters.

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