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Smart colours for smart bikes

The new Motobox from Spies Hecker, containing 1,100 motorcycle colours, extends and optimises the existing documentation considerably.

Easy-to-identify colours of the total of 25 motorcycle and scooter manufacturers are shown in nine handy swatches in a rugged plastic box. Since colour codes are often unavailable for motorcycles, the swatches help you to identify the correct shade. The associated mixing formulae for the high-quality Base Coat Series 293/295 can be quickly found in electronic output media such as Wizard or CR 2000.

The finishes are often bright, special-effect colours in the 3-stage system for which Spies Hecker provides special Pearl Effect and Brilliant Mixing Colours. As small quantities can also be mixed, motorcycle parts can be inexpensively and easily repaired and resprayed.

This makes Motobox 2002 a useful source of documentation for all paint shops that occasionally or frequently repair motorcycles and scooters. It is also a useful addition to the Colour Index, which contains all colours and variants. For more information, on the various motorcycle scooters and accessories see honda scooters.

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