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Winthrop-University Hospital Remainds Cyclists to Wear a Helmet

There are around 100 million bicycle owners in the United States. And what better time to take your bike or scooter out of the garage for a ride than a warm summer evening? Before doing so, think about this - According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were an estimated 565, 742 injuries related to bicycles in 2001, and about 800 cyclists die each year.

Two thirds of these deaths are injuries to the brain, and a helmet could have prevented 88 percent of them. Winthrop-University Hospital's Injury Prevention and Control Team urges all cyclists and scooter riders to wear helmets.

New York is one of four states representing 40 percent of all bicycle deaths in the United States. 90 percent of the riders that died were not wearing helmets. Many of the injuries and fatalities that occur due to scooter and bicycle accidents involve children under the age of 15. Summer is a peak risk time, because children are home for the summer, and more vehicles are out on the roads.

Dr. Lucy Weinstein, Medical Coordinator of Injury Prevention and Control at Winthrop, said, It is absolutely vital to always wear a helmet, and to make sure children, especially, don't leave the house without one. Helmets protect your brain when you fall and cushion the blow.

Being careful is always a precursor, but even the best cyclists and scooter riders get into accidents. A helmet's foam crushes when you hit the road, saving your brain from the impact. This is why it is so important to wear one. A good, certified helmet can be as inexpensive as $10 to $15, and can be purchased almost anywhere. Just be sure it has a sticker saying that it meets the standards of the CPSC, ASTM, or Snell.

Here are some other tips relating to bike and scooter safety to keep in mind this summer.

# Obey the law and ride on the right side of the road WITH traffic.

# Don't make sudden, unexpected turns or moves.

# Wear reflectors, or put them on your bike or scooter.

# Assume that car drivers cannot see you.

# Scan for traffic behind you without swerving.

# Wear appropriate gear.

Dr. Weinstein adds, Helmets protect only your head. Children should be urged to wear wristbands and kneepads, as well, to protect them from other injuries that could occur. Following all of these simple steps, and wearing your helmet, can assure you a fun ride. Enjoy your summer outdoors...safely! For more information, on the various motorcycle scooters and accessories see motorcycle helmets.

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