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Attendance Up 26% at the 5th Annual Edmonton Motorcycle Show

The fifth annual Edmonton Motorcycle Show wrapped up Sunday, January 18th, after close to 27,000 attendees passed through the doors, up 26% from last year's number of approximately 20,000 attendees. An estimated 11,000 people attended the Kawasaki freestyle motocross event-an extreme motorcycle sport where young professionals fly up ramps at 30 miles per hour, go 30 feet into the air and perform tricks such as the 'Kiss of Death' then land 70 feet away.

David Sharp, Show Manager, says, The show was an incredible success this year and the freestyle motocross event by Team Outlaw was a dramatic new addition that left people breathless.

Bob Ramsay, President of the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council, says the response at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show reflects a strong Canadian trend. Attendance at all of our shows are up significantly, and we are expecting another incredible year in the motorcycle industry across Canada. Sales of new motorcycles and ATVs are expected to set an all-time high in 2004. In Alberta, alone, the motorcycle and ATV industries employ over 1400 people and contribute over 450 million dollars to the economy each year. For more information, see motorcycle scooters.

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