Electric Bike

Demise of the school run

Every day thousands of parents move their children to and from school, without a thought for the environment, using inefficient petrol guzzlers

Why not use an electric bike?

1. Young children aged 3 to 7 years can be carried on a bicycle child seat that attaches to the seat post of your Electric Bike.

2. Children of 5 to 10 years can be carried in a detachable bicycle trailer (a purpose made rear half of a child’s bike) attached the seat post of your electric bike.

3. Children of 10 to 14 years can accompany you on their conventional bikes, while you ride with them on your Electric Bike.

Over the last decade Electric Bikes technology has moved forward, nowadays they are available with folding lightweight aluminium frames, ultra efficient motors and lightweight long life batteries. Electric Bikes Direct was formed to address this issue, by supplying to the UK public a range of superior Folding, Lightweight, Electric Bikes. We supply a range of bikes that meet a few, but essential criteria:

· Practical and stylish. All our bikes are aluminium framed folders, which fold in around 15 to 20 seconds; they can then be stowed in their own storage bag, under the desk, in the caravan,, on a boat, on the train and always in the boot.

· They all have gears to allow you to get some exercise and enjoy cycling with as much effort as you decide. (In a recent survey Electric Bike owners were getting more exercise than conventional bike owners, as they were far more likely to use them on a daily basis).

· Street Legal. No driving licence required if a bike has pedals and is fitted with a Pedal Assisted System.

· Green. These bikes cost around 5p to charge, have a range of 15-20 miles, equating to around 800 to 2000 mpg and the motors make very little noise. For more information, see electric motor scooters.

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