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Latest Razor Scooter Game Ships To Stores

Crave Entertainment today announced the shipment of Razor Freestyle Scooter, for Dreamcast. Razor Freestyle Scooter is an all-out trick bonanza set in huge scooter-friendly environments and value priced at only $19.99.

The scooter phenomenon continues to thrive throughout the US, said Martin Spiess, senior vice president of marketing at Crave Entertainment, 'Razor Freestyle Scooter' provides cool environments and characters so fans can scoot day or night, year round.

Players of Razor Freestyle Scooter learn to master more than 40 tricks and moves in an effort to unlock six secret characters and six bonus levels. The trick scooter experience comes to life in bright colors and natural animation with original characters and a choice of Razor brand scooters.

Players take to ramps, drained pools, and enormous jumps as they complete multiple objectives on each level. These objectives include scoring major points, grinding feet of rail, and collecting scattered scooter wheels.

The immensely popular Razor brand scooters can be seen just about everywhere, ridden by young and old alike. For more information, see electric motor scooters.

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