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Electric and gas powered scooters have become a hot topic in Paso Robles. Almost daily the Paso Robles Police Department's Traffic Officers are receiving telephone calls from the public about scooters.

The telephone calls are either residents complaining of children riding scooters and almost being struck by automobiles, or parents requesting information on laws pertaining to scooters.

Parents are urged to learn the laws before purchasing an electric or gas powered scooter for their children. Scooter riders:

1) Must be 16 years old.

2) Must wear approved bicycle helmets.

3) May not have passengers.

4) Are not allowed on sidewalks. (and may not park on a sidewalk)

5) Are not allowed on streets with speed limits over 25 MPH, unless in a bicycle lane.

6) Must ride as close as practical to the right edge of the roadway.

7) May not exceed 15 MPH.

Paso Robles Police have provided local scooter retailers with information pertaining to scooters. Residents can research the laws pertaining to scooters on the internet, or contact the Paso Robles Police Department. For more information, on the various motorcycle scooters and accessories see electric scooters.

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