Motorised Scooters

Warning over motorised scooters

However, it seems that few parents realise that it is illegal for these scooters to be used on roads, pavements and cycle paths. The scooters are legally considered to be vehicles and can only be ridden on private land.

It is important that parents realise the limitations on the use of these scooters, said Colin Hall, lead councillor for environmental sustainability. They are potentially very dangerous, both to the riders and also to other road users, especially pedestrians.

It is not illegal for shops to sell these scooters, but Sutton Trading Standards is encouraging shops to point out to customers the restrictions on where they can be ridden.

Inspector Martin Collins of Sutton police said: Scooters that are powered by electric or petrol motors are 'mechanically propelled vehicles' and, in addition to any manufacturer's safety recommendations, legal restrictions also apply.

These vehicles are not permitted to be used or ridden on the footway. Riders must possess a suitable licence for a moped and they will require insurance when used on a road or public place and they must also display a valid tax disc.

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