Lambretta Scooters Returning to USA

Lambretta International announced today in Seattle, Washington that the world famous Italian scooter brand Lambretta will be returning to the North American scooter market in 2004.

Lambretta was introduced to the USA market in the 1950s to compete with Vespa, another Italian scooter. The two Italian pioneers in the scooter industry soon dominated the USA scooter market, and have continued to maintain a high level of enthusiasm amongst the scootering community. Even during their absence, both had managed to remain as icons in the scooter industry.

Vespa scooters, now built by Piaggio, returned to the US market three years ago and quickly re-established the product, and a nationwide dealer network, due to its famous past and brand recognition.

Lambretta USA, a division of Lambretta International, will be competing directly with Vespa again for the throne of the USA scooter market.

Lambretta International, owned by the Khurana family of Seattle, WA, has entered into an Operating Agreement with CMSI of Preston, WA to manage the North American Lambretta operations, including US final assembly, Marketing and Customer Services for Lambretta USA.

The Kharana family has successfully been in the automotive and Powersport Industry for over 20 years in the Seattle area.

According to Lambretta International, CMSI was chosen by Lambretta for their outstanding infrastructure of parts and technical support and also due to the extensive experience CMSI has developed with EPA, DOT and CARB regulatory agencies in manufacturing products to meet and exceed the government agenciesí standards.

The new Lambretta's will be assembled in the USA with Italian components as key elements.

Lambretta USA has contracted a local design firm, Smith Design Works, to create and manage their branding, graphic standards, and marketing collateral. For more information, see yamaha scooters.

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