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A scooter is a style of motorcycle which is defined by the feature of a step-through frame, the wheels are usually less than 16" in diameter, and an engine located below the rider and positioned to the rear. Though throughout the history of scooters, there have been models which challenged or defied this definition, incorporating elements or designs from motorcycles (distinguished by a tank between the rider and handlebars and an engine located beneath the rider and to the front of the vehicle) and mopeds (which have pedals), developments over the past 20 years have broadened the "scooter" label to include a wide array of vehicles and designs featuring many different technologies and capabilities.

Modern scooters cover a broad spectrum of designs: step-through or step-over frames, small or large wheels, front fairings or floor boards, and manual or automatic transmissions. Cheap electric scooters can be found through a variety of manufacturers and super discount sales. Gas powered scooters are fun to ride and can take you anywhere, fast! And Electric bicycles are just that and electric motor assisted bicycle.

An electric scooter is like a motorized bike, with a 350-450 watt engine. Many electric scooters allow you to sit down while you ride, controlling the gas and brakes with your hands. In fact we do not cover the stand up type electric scooters on this website. If you are looking for a stand-up scooter try searching Google.

Electric and gas powered scooters are extremely fun to ride, giving the rider a sense of freedom, not often found in everyday life. For some, just riding on a electric scooter gives the opportunity to refresh the mind and spirit.

Gas powered and electric scooters are amazing inventions, but keep in mind that they can also be dangerous. You should always take safety precautions when riding a cheap electric scooter. Make sure that when riding a scooter, you always wear a helmet, gloves, and even protective clothing made from leather.


The History of Motor Scooters

The first two-wheel powered vehicle offered to the public was the Hildebrand & Wolfmueller, in 1894. It was a crucial move towards other sources of engine power.

This gas powered scooter had features like a step-through frame, mounted fuel tank, and a parallel twin engine mounted low on the frame. It was a water-cooled scooter, with a radiator built into the top of the rear fender.

Making the next wave was the Lambretta "A", which was unveiled at the 1947 Paris Motor Show. Economical, the Lambretta "A" paved the way for success, by selling 9,000 units!

Features included a top speed of 45mph and a direct air-cooled 123cc engine. The Lambretta "A" model was available in many of the colors still used today. This model would soon compete for popularity with the first Vespa 125cc in 1948.

Today, cheap electric scooters are produced by many motorcycle manufacturers, like Honda, Vespa, Cushman, Yamaha, Schwinn and Segway.


But What are Motor Scooters Really?

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